Art Deco Porcelain Dolphin Pin Lady

Item: 1432817850

A fabulous porcelain Art Deco style novelty ornament. The ornament is in the shape of a Dolphin with a lady laying on top. There is a small hole where the lady\'s hand is which I presume may have been used as a pin holder. A unique item which would most definitely provide a talking point for your home.  This piece is offered in excellent condition with no chips or scratches. I will ship worldwide.

Dimensions: 9cm x 8.4cm

Some collectors call these half doll tea-cosie dolls pin head and whisk-broom dolls. pin doll can be recognised as the top half of the doll is made of porcelain and the bottom edge has small holes for thread. The porcelain doll was stitched to a large voluminous fabric skirt. Today the pin doll is usually found without the fabric at the bottom.

Pin Dolls can often be found wearing a bonnet, and or holding a fan. Pin dolls were mostly produced in Germany and made of bisque porcelain and often hand painted. Dressel and Kister in Germany were famous for producing delicate half dolls beautifully decorated, they were extremely popular during the Victorian period.  The skill and craftsmanship that went into producing these dolls are faultless which makes them a popular collector\'s choice today.


Re: Item 1432817850

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