Art Nouveau Style


Art Nouveau is a particular favourite here at Milly's Marvels; it is a popular style with collector's, from Tiffany Lamp Shades to stunning Iridescent Enamel Jewellery there is something of choice for all keen Art Nouveau antique collectors. The Art Nouveau movement began in the early 19th and 20th Century.  Art Nouveau comes in a wide variety of styles both in organic and geometric forms (more commonly organic such as flowing lines and soft swirls). Art Nouveau became fashionable from 1890 to World War I.  Art Nouveau designs were often based on floral and plant inspired motifs such as flowers, birds, insects, butterflies and the curvaeous bodies of beautiful women such as sprites, cherubs and nymphs.

A variety of materials can be used in the production of Art Nouveau pieces. Materials include glassware, jewellery, poster illustrations, paintings, sculpture, ceramics, furniture, textiles, lighting and cigarette cases.  Art Nouveau applied artistic designs to everyday objects. Key Art Nouveau artists who had a huge influence on this movement include Louis Comfort Tiffany (lighting), Arthur Heygate (Architecture), Gustav Klimt (painting), Arthur Liberty (founder of Liberty & Co. of London), Alphonse Mucha (posters) and Rene Lalique (glass & jewellery). William Morris is also famously known for his wall paper designs and was hugely influencial on the Art Nouveau movement.

We acquire all types of Art Nouveau pieces at Milly's Marvels, ranging from bronze sculptures, ceramics to jewellery. Jewellery being the biggest collection we currenlty have on offer. Art Nouveau jewellery can be identified by its moulded glass, semi precious stones, plique du jour enamel and soft colors such as greens, mustard, yellow, violet, purple and peacock blue. Pendants often featuring illustraions of whimsical graceful women. We relly hope you enjoy the Art Nouveau pieces that we have on offer!

Famous places to see Art Nouveau:

The Victoria & Albert (V&A) Museum in London
Paris - The Metropolitain (also called Metro station)
Latvia - Riga has wonderful Art Nouveau Architecture
Barcelona - Sagrada Famiglia, The Parc Guell & The Battle House

Art Nouveau Style