Delft Pottery


I felt it appropriate to do a piece on Delft this week as I will always buy Delft items if I see them. I buy Delft as it s always a sure winner when it comes to selling these pieces – Delft is a popular choice. I also have my own personal fascination with Delft pottery so I wanted to swat up on the history to improve my own knowledge more than anything else.

Delftware, Delft Pottery or even known as Delft Blue produces its world famous pottery in the town of Delft in Holland.  Common images that can be found on Delft items are windmills, flowers, Dutch people, old mast ships and even Biblical Scenes (I am yet to find a Delft piece with a Biblical scene.)

Delft has a rich history and heritage. The factory was established in 1653 and the pottery is still hand painted today in keeping with centuries old traditions. The world famous blue and white design was imitated from the Chinese design. Delft provides a reliable source of income to the local economy as it attracts tourists to the area. The factory offers free guided tours where you can be shown the process of painting a Delft item. It also provides an opportunity to learn more about the factory and how the products are made. I certainly would love a visit there if I was ever local to the area.

Ornamental Delft items include wall pockets, decorative tiles, figurines and candlesticks. Delft also produces kitchen ware such as mugs, tankards, salt holders and bowls.

Delft Items for sale at Milly’s Marvels have been jewellery – brooches and pendants to be precise. I have yet to purchase some larger items but I shall be keeping my eye out for these Delft treasures at the local Antique fairs.

Delft Pottery