Why the Brooch is this Years Hottest Trend


A brooch is this seasons must have. Thinking of jazzing up that tired looking blazer, or adding a touch of class to that wrap that has been worn all through winter. Now is the perfect time to raid grannys brooch drawer!

A brooch, pin or scarf clip is a must have fashion accesory.  Brooches and pins are part of the growing trend for personalisation says Dominic Jones of Astley Clarke. A brooch adds a touch of uniqueness to an outfit. Not only that a brooch is very hip and trendy. If you have purchased the same Marks & Spencer Jacket as everyone else a brooch is a special way of making it your own.

A brooch is not only reserved for the 60 plus club, they are versatile and can be worn by every generation. If you veer towards wearing alot of black then a brooch can really add a touch of sparkle. Brooches can be worn on dresses, the lapel of a jacket , a hat, handbags and they can even be used to hold together a shawl around the neck.

The popularity of the brooch is on the rise, with the likes of celebrities wearing them such as Kate Middleton, Cara Delevigne and Alexa Chung now is the perfect opportunity to bag yourself this seasons hottses new trend!

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Why the Brooch is this Years Hottest Trend