The History of Black Forest Wood Carvings


The wood carving industry started out in Switzerland in the Swiss city of Brienz.  After a famine in 1816 the Swiss government encouraged the wood carving industry as a way of creating jobs and boosting the local economy. Black Forest carvings were symbolic of luxury and wealth.  Common animals that featured in Black Forest Wood Carvings were Bears, Eagles, Stags, Boars and Dogs.

What to look for when sourcing a Black Forest Wood carving?

Quality - sounds like stating the obvious but check out the quality of the carving. The better the quality of the piece the more valuable the items worth. Also it is worth checking for any signatures. The more desirable pieces will be signed.

The subject - if the topic of the Black Forest carving is rare then the higher the value of the piece. Also look at the use of the object is it a common piece?

Black Forest Wood carvings can range from life size sculptures, benches, tea caddies, ink wells, tobacco jars,  cork decanters, wall mounts, umbrella stands, jewelry boxes, cigar holders and clocks.

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The History of Black Forest Wood Carvings