Exquisite Jewellery WAP Watson


After a fabulous day on a recent buying trip I came home with some beautiful vintage costume jewellery. I am always very excited when I get a unique mix of items as I really enjoy researching and improving my knowledge of different pieces. It is a journey of discovery and I enjoy doing the research just as much as reselling a piece. This is a never ending job for me, the knowledge to be gained in this field is ad infinitum but I am always looking to expand my knowledge on this topic.

Anyway back to what I discovered. A few of the brooches that I picked up had Exquistie stamped on the back of each piece. I have seen this brand of brooch before but really knew nothing about it so I decide to do some further research. I discovered that Exquisite was the UKs second largest manufacturer of costume jewellery. The company called WAP Watson was a factory based in Solihull, West Midlands and they produced fine quality handmade jewellery pieces from 1914 until the end of the 1970s.

The demand for costume jewellery became increasingly popular after World War II. Pieces they produced included jewellery, souvenirs and they also made the Tudor Mint figurines

Exquisite produced beautiful Scottish and Celtic inspired jewellery. Two pieces which I picked up on my trip included a Celtic cross brooch adorned with blue cabouchon stones and also a Scottish thistle brooch, both of which I have put on my website. I also discovered that Exquisite produced a beautiful hand finished cold enamel flower series of birthday brooches. I am yet to discover and own such a piece but I am now more aware of what to look out for. I find the best way to learn about costume jewellery is to own and handle the piece, research it thoroughly so then next time I am able to recognise it straight away if I see it. Anyway I hope you enjoy my new discoveries all of which I have uploaded to the website

Exquisite Jewellery WAP Watson