Charles Horner Art Nouveau Inspired Jewelery


Charles Horner was recognised for producing jewellery, thimble holders, hat pins and silverware during the Art Nouveau and Art Deco period. Charles Horner products are still popular and desirable collector items today.  Charles Horner produced his items at a factory in Halifax circa 1905.

Art Nouveau jewellery is very collectible today; with Charles Horner jewellery being very desirable. Charles Horner produced silver and enamel brooches, pendant brooches and plastic items in the later years. Charles Horner jewellery was typically in bright peacock colours such as green, blue and purple. Butterflies, dragonflies, insects and floral patterns are recognisable designs. The jewellery has delicate and pretty designs with beautiful rich enamel colours.

Charles Horner was also responsible for the ‘Dorcas’ patent name which was the name for a thimble manufactured at their factory. Thimbles being another popular item produced as many 18th Century women sewed, thousands of 'Dorcas' thimble holders were made and this was something which helped the Charles Horner business thrive. Charles Horner silverware is usually recognised by the Chester hallmark. Occasionally some of his later pieces will bear the ‘CH’ mark on the back.

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Charles Horner Art Nouveau Inspired Jewelery