Antique & Vintage Powder Compacts


I absolutely love collecting vintage compacts and I have my own personal collection so I felt inspired to a write a little piece on this. When I am at the Antique Markets if I spy a vintage compact I find I just cannot help myself. I still remember clear as day my 16th Birthday being presented with an Estee Lauder Golden Virgo Compact and that was it! Love at first sight. Nothing quite beats whipping out a glamorous powder compact from your handbag to reapply your make-up. It’s such a girl thing I know.

My compact collection has since grown and grown. Some of the compacts I have kept and some I have parted with (I am trying to run a business here). I have owned Stratton’s, Melissa, KIGU - my favourite antique compact to date was a beautiful Guilloche Enamel piece made by the Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co.  I recently purchased a Vogue Vanities deep sea themed mirror compact from eBay which I have to admit I was very reluctant to part with.

Vintage powder compacts come in various forms – enamel, gold, sterling silver, compacts with lipstick compartments even musical ones! the list goes on... My love affair with vintage powder compacts will never end. I still need to make a compact section here on the Milly’s Marvels website; this is something which is on my never ending to-do list. Please watch this space...

Antique & Vintage Powder Compacts