"Flappers in Fashion" by Ilianthe Kalloniatis


"Flappers in Fashion by Ilianthe Kalloniatis"

I saw this book in Waterstones and thought it looked like a really great book to read. At Milly's Marvels we love all things Art Deco - there's something about the roaring 20s which is so captivating a time of change and fashion was also at the forefront of this. Living the American Dream.

There was the Jazz age, the roaring twenties - an era full of extravagence and luxury. Pass me the magnum of Moet please...

What exactly is a flapper?

"A young woman, especially one in the 1920s who showed disdain for conventional dress and behavior. And yes, flapper's still exist today, you just have to look harder to find them."

The blurb on the inside of the book reads:

Flappers in Fashion is full of vintage photography, depicting the fashions of the 1920s flapper. The book covers some interesting history of the flapper lifestyle and the roles of women during the 1920s. Information about fashions in clothing, makeup and even diets of the day are covered. There is a broad coverage of pop culture from the 1920s including a flapper dictionary. A light yet informative read with loads of great photographs.

The photographs in the book look amazing and I hope if you browse through our 'Art Deco' section and 'Jewellery' sections you will be able to find some wonderful pieces which reflect the aesthetics of this beautiful era. Sharp and symmentrical lines are a common principle used in Art Deco fashion, jewellery and even architecture. It is indeed one of my favourite artisitic times.

We stock Art Deco bakelite jewellery, porcelain vases with extravagent Art Deco patterns, library book ends, Art Deco cigarette cases and Pin ladies. There is something here to suit every taste. Enjoy....